Top 9 Best Beard Oil and Conditioners (2018 Reviews)

Posted on April 5, 2018

Since millennial hipsters have reinvented and revived the popularity of the beard and mustache, the push for the ultimate products in beard maintenance are making a serious cameo. Not only do beard conditioners and oils tame unruly hair and prevent split ends, these products can also help men grow healthier, fuller, thicker beards that look and smell nice.

If you are a man who rocks the lumberjack look or hopes to, below is a list of the best oils and conditioners to help you master and tame your tumultuous mane.

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Applying Beard Oil

Ok, so it’s not an exact science, but you will want to base how much oil to use on your personal preference and how gnarly your beard. Start with about a dime size and evenly work the solution into your chin locks, much like you would apply hair gel. The product will work best if you’ve freshly showered or your beard is a bit damp. Use a comb to evenly distribute the product and style as desired.

What Are The Best Beard Oil and Conditioners In 2018?

  • Aria Starr - Virgin Argan Oil
  • Handmade Beard Co. - Beard Oil
  • Grave Before Shave - Beard Oil
  • Wild Birch – Beard Oil
  • Honest Amish Beard Balm and Leave-In-Conditioner
  • Liberty - Virtu Beard Balm

Aria Starr - Virgin Argan Oil - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

Virgin Argan Oil is USDA and ECO Certified and excellent for almost any problem or ailment, including eliminating beard frizz and soothing irritated skin. Argan oil helps to eliminate frizz as well as any inflammation. Skin and hair will feel soft and shiny, and itchiness will be a problem of the past. This product also absorbs quickly, which leaves less residue and greasiness.

Handmade Beard Co. - Beard Oil - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

Handmade Beard Co.’s oil softens and conditions your beard with a scent-free formula that promotes hair growth. You will notice a healthier, tamed beard by using this product frequently. With a mixture of cold-pressed argan oil and golden jojoba oils, this solution controls and eliminates beard dandruff while keeping your skin moisturized.

Grave Before Shave - Beard Oil - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

Not only will its bay run scent tantalize your senses (and hers), but this oil will also keep your beard shiny and healthy while conditioning the skin. It prevents itchiness and beard dandruff.

Wild Birch – Beard Oil - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

Get a thicker, fuller beard with Wild Birch beard oil. This formula that absorbs quickly and combats brittleness will help you achieve a healthier beard and more moisturized skin. Moroccan argan and grapeseed oils are just a few of the active ingredients in this solution that help keep your beard looking its best at all times. The pump system also makes it easy to use the right amount.


Honest Amish Beard Balm and Leave-In-Conditioner - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

Probably one of the most popular beard products on the market, the Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner features both organic oils and butter. This all-natural vegan-friendly solution is guaranteed to soften coarse and unmanageable hair while preventing itchiness. This conditioner will also encourage new growth.

Liberty - Virtu Beard Balm - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

Virtu Beard Balm has all-natural ingredients like shea butter, essential oils and beeswax in it. This balm and conditioner help gentlemen create a beard style all their own while preventing itch and softening and strengthen hair.

BeardBalm - Leave-in Beard Conditioner - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

This conditioner’s original scent blends a mixture of lemon peel, geranium and eucalyptus leaf for a fresh aroma that leaves skin feeling invigorated. The all-natural blend softens hair, relieves itchiness and dry skin, manages unruly locks, prevents patches and reduces split ends.

Slam Bam Balm – Turn on Tonic - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

The stimulating scents of 100 percent essential oils will condition your beard without greasiness. Coarse and rogue hairs are manageable with this waxy conditioner that also repairs dry and damaged hair. It will also combat skin irritation and beard dandruff.

Mr. Rugged - Bold Beard Lotion Conditioner - Click Here To Read Product Reviews

Most importantly, this product is paraben and sodium chloride free. It helps support beard growth and softens and prevents breakage for the most ultimate beards with wheat amino acids. Its vitamin B5 ingredient rids rogue hairs and makes full beards more manageable. Believe it or not, this conditioner also includes silicones, which provide heat protection and is safe to use on even color and chemically treated hair.
It takes a special kind of man to own the bearded look, and the most ultimate chin lock masters do not forget to pamper their masculine manes.

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